NCAA Football 2011 E3 Impressions

NCAA Football 2011 has been a yearly release that college football fans look forward to every year for quite some time now. For years it has been the go to title for college football fans, this even includes the years where it had significant competition from other gaming companies. EA Sports is hoping to deliver one of the best football experiences for gamers this year. The question is were they able to pull it off.

Many things within the title were completely overhauled. The most apparent is easily the movement of the players themselves. To put it simply, the players just move more fluid overall compared to previous instalments of the series. The moves are more lifelike and this ultimately leads to some of the most realistic animations seen in a football game. While the physics have also been changed, it is not near the level of Backbreaker yet, but it is a step in the right direction.

Tackling is another thing that has been revamped a bit. Things look smoother and flow within the game better. While on the topic of defence, it has been revamped as well. It is no longer as easy to burn the secondary deep with a long pass, this will lead to either an interception or swatted pass. So as the quarterback the player must accurately read the defence as their receivers are running routes down the field. The reason behind the better defence is because of a system known as Real Assignment A.I. What this means is that when the defence is in man coverage they are actually assigned to that man. They will cover and react accordingly to the routes that the offensive player is running.

Offensively the teams within the game are now more accurately represented by their real life counterparts. For teams that run the no huddle offences in real life, the in game teams will also do the same. This will cause wear and tear on the opposing defence, eventually causing enough fatigue for them to make a crucial mistake to allow a big offensive play. This will not fatigue the offence as much considering they will have the proper conditioning to allow them to run the no huddle offence.

Within the Dynasty mode there have been a few minor tweaks to improve the mode itself. No longer will players have to constantly make phone calls to harass potential incoming freshmen that you want on the football team. It is now set up more like a mini game to get the players to your university. The potential players will ask questions and it is up to you how you respond. They may ask about the facilities, playing time etc. It is up to you how you respond to them, and it could have both positive and negative effects on the potential scholarship player.

Overall the game has many vast improvements to warrant a purchase for fans of the series and potential newcomers as well. The game feels much faster, more fluid, and just a better overall build of the title. College football fans should definitely do themselves a favor and give NCAA Football 2011 a look.