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John Koller Believes PSP Has 10-year Life Cycle

While countless PSP owners and critics are demanding and expecting the PlayStation Portable 2 to be announced, Sony America’s John Koller believes the PSP has a 10-year life cycle.

During a video interview with Joystiq, John Koller states the PSP absolutely has a 10-year life cycle:

There is absolutely a 10-year life cycle for PSP, and probably more. We’ve talked about ‘We’ll be in the PSP business as long as we’re in the PlayStation business’, because we absolutely believe in handheld. Unequivocally we think it’s a fantastic place to be, and I can tell you that I think my group particularly – the hardware group – fully believes in handheld because there’s different demographics that you can touch and bring in to the PlayStation world through handheld that you may not always be able to do through other avenues.

Koller continues to talk about the PSP’s success so far and the strong line-up of games it has:

You can touch older females, older males, younger children, you can kind of piece all of these different target audiences and demographics under a handheld umbrella much more seamlessly.

I think it’s a long term opportunity and we will stay in it. Now in terms of where we are in the current life cycle, I think we’re just kind of hitting our stride. We just announced that we hit 60 million units worldwide, which is a very good number for PSP, we’ve got a lot of good development support.

We always say a platform will turn off when the development spigot turns off. We’ve got 70 games coming this year, we’ve got 70-80 coming next year – it’s just a very healthy platform.

I don’t think we’d be spending investment to the tune that we are without full belief that this is a go-forward platform.

A few more years and we’ll get PSP’s successor, then. Not too long to go now.