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Sony’s Virtual E3 Booth in Home Beats out Real Life E3 in Attendees

Now that the dust has settled on what it the gaming industry’s biggest event. It’s time to head back home and relax. For those of you who didn’t go to the show live, you did however have a chance to visit Sony’s E3 booth in PlayStation Home. Sony has revealed some numbers and it seems that more people visited E3 via PlayStation Home, than there were actual attendees at the E3 conference in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Convention Center played host to E3 2010 and was packed full of media, retail representatives and exhibitors. In fact, there was a whopping 45,000 attendees this year at the show. However that pales in comparison to how many attended Sony’s virtual E3 booth tour in PlayStation Home where over 60,000 of PlayStation nation came to watch Jack Tretton’s presentation during Sony’s E3 press conference.

Home community specialist had this to say about the outstanding achievement:

“We have tremendous momentum coming out of E3, and you can bet that we’re going to continue to come correct and deliver the content that you demand between now and our next big event”

After seeing what a success E3 was in PlayStation Home, we can only hope that Sony continues to support the social service with more unique events. Did you visit Sony’s E3 booth in PlayStation Home? Let us know in the comments below…