Dead Space 2 E3 Impressions

Even though Visceral Games Dead Space 2 wasn’t on the E3 floor, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle were invited to a behind closed doors screening on the next chapter in Isaac Clark’s battle against the Necromorphs. What did we see? Oh, just one of the Top 10 games at E3…and we didn’t even get to play it. Fans of the series get ready, Isaac is for one hell of a ride and he’s taking you with him!

Our ‘demo’ began with Isaac talking to his correspondent over his headset: We’re trying to discover exactly what the hell is going on at the Unitology hall on the massive space station Sprawl. For all you graphic whores out there, have no fear, the game looks breathtaking and it looked phenomenal on the 50” HDTV that the team was displaying it on. Add the surround sound to the ‘soup’, and Oh yeah, the game was rocking on all levels.

After being introduced to a new enemy, Isaac duns his new gear. The sweet as can be outfit that we’ve seen replaces Isaac’s old engineer gear into something that resembles a badass space warrior. He’s ready to kick some Necromorph mutated butt this time around and has some additional weaponry to help. This is where the ‘javelin’ came into play. Fire this baby at an enemy as it will slice through the enemy, sticking them into a wall, as they try their hardest to break free. The best part? Use the alternate fire when a couple more enemies walk by for a large explosion which neutralizes the whole group of them. Sweeeeet. You’ll need this because the scant 20-minutes of footage that we witnessed was non-stop action packed! The team at Visceral is aiming to make the game more intense while making you fear the dark at the same time. Good news…it’s working!

The second new ‘weapon’ is that you can now cut off an enemies limb, use kinesis on it, then launch it back at that same enemy for some massive damage. This certainly helps seeing as how there is now more enemies on-screen and less ammo to go around.

They even showcased some of the new puzzles in the game. If you remember correctly, Isaac is an engineer, so it’d make sense if he did engineery stuff, right? The man in charge needs to destroy the gravity machine keeping everything down, so he does it the old fashioned way: By ripping open the box, figuring out what cords to yank loose, then proceeds to use kinesis to figure out a puzzle which turns the machine off. PLUS the zero gravity segment showcased another feature of the new suit: little jet boosters which make the ZG moments that much easier, and fun, to handle.

Did I mention how the game is now more action packed? Near the end of the demo, a titan-sized necromorph begins to chase our hero throughout the stage. Isaac has the upper-hand…until a futuristic ship comes into view and begins to rain a barrage of bullets at Isaac, which shatters the glass, causing our hero and the ‘big daddy’ necromorph to soar into space, slamming them right into their ‘attacker’.

The battles continues and at one point, Isaac loses his grip on the ship, then begins to float out into space..but the necromorph wants more. It grabs hold of him, pulling him back to the ship as Isaac continues to battle the monstrosity. The demo ended as Isaac destroys the ship and back to safety to continues his adventure. Awesome!

Nothing about the multiplayer or the possibility of a co-op campaign was mentioned, otherwise, the only problem I had with the game was…the 2011 release date. Oh well! Seeing as how us PS3 owners receive Dead Space: Extraction with PlayStation Move controls by simply buying the game, I will wait..patiently..WITH the lights on, mind you.