Dead Space 2 Limited Edition, The Only Edition

In 2008 Dead Space graced next-gen consoles with its spine-tingling horror and strategic dismemberment. EA Redwood set out to create something darker and creepier than their previous titles, and boy did they hit their mark.

With the explosive success of Dead Space, there’s no surprise that the follow up is looking even better than the first, especially for PS3 owners. During the Sony E3 press conference, a Dead Space 2 Limited Edition – exclusive to the PS3 – was announced. Now it’s looking like this edition will be the only edition on the PS3.

Shown off at E3 at EA’s keynote as well as Sony’s presser, Dead Space looks the part and capitalizes on what the first game introduced by making the game more heart pounding that its predecessor. With the announcement at Sony’s E3 that the PS3 version of Dead Space 2 will be receiving an exclusive limited edition – packaged with Dead Space Extraction and added PlayStation Move support, will this be the only edition that’s available at retail?

Gamestop’s listing for Dead Space 2 suggests that Isaac’s latest on the PS3 will only be available in this exclusive special edition, check it out here.

Dead Space is set to launch on January 25th 2011 and looks set to join the likes of Medal Of Honor and Crysis 2 as part of EA’s stellar line-up of games coming to next gen consoles.