Quantum Theory Multiplayer Detailed

Quantum Theory has been the subject of much debate, receiving many delays in its development cycle. Hopefully this extra time has given them the ability to touch up areas of the game that have looked less than stellar. One area that has not been talked about much is the multiplayer that has been announced for the game. Tecmo Koei would like everyone to know that development is still ongoing and have released the first details of the aforementioned multiplayer experience.

There will be three modes to be had for anyone who decides to pick up the game and all these modes will come with online rankings.

Dead or Alive – Players are divided into two teams and kill each other for points. Whichever side has the most points at the end of the best two-out-of-three match is the winner.

Executioner – Your basic deathmatch mode. Rounds last ten minutes, and again, whoever’s racked up the most points at the end wins.

Guardian – In this mode, players are divided into two teams, each with a female “leader” character. You must fight the opposing team while keeping your leader from dying — as long as she’s alive, team members can respawn infinitely.

Hopefully the multiplayer portion of the game plays a lot smoother than what we tried of the single player. You can check out our impressions of the game here.