inFamous 2 is On the Chain

July 8, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

While Cole MacGrath does not harness the street credibility of, say, Spiderman or any other licensed super hero, he did go on to piece himself within arguably the greatest super hero simulator on the PlayStation 3. In inFamous, the player had the ability to pull off slick stunts (for a video game anyways) that even sparked a challenging stunts list in Empire City for gamers to pull off. To Sucker Punch’s remorse, however, some of the most trivial actions were missing from Cole’s move list.

In an interview with Chris Zimmerman from Sucker Punch in issue 194 of Play Magazine, the director of inFamous 2 explains that some common, basic abilities such as scaling a chain-link fence will be possible with the new Cole MacGrath. According to Zimmerman:

“It’s pretty reasonable to say that something I can do a superhero ought to be able to do, so I can climb a chain-link fence, I’ve done it before and Cole really ought to be able to as well. I’m guessing that that’s going to be possible. There’s more spectacular stuff as well obviously, but even the basic stuff is important.”

While this may seem too trivial to even matter, the reasoning for its inclusion in the next game is probably a technical reason. After all, the old Cole did not have hair because of a graphical engine inferiority (players may remember that Sasha, a female villain, was hairless as well). In any case, inFamous 2 is likely to surprise. But will it be pleasant or not? You decide by telling us in the comments below.