Pachter: Respawn Entertainment’s Next Game Will be Halo Killer

Following weeks of negative press surrounding Activision and Modern Warfare creators, Infinity Ward, Respawn Entertainment was founded by former heads of Infinity Ward, Vince Zampella and Jason West, in partnership with EA Partners. Now, Michael Pachter has predicted in his latest show, Pach-Attack, that Respawn’s new game will be a “Halo killer”.

Pachter delivered his thoughts on the countless first-person shooters being released within the space of a year and how the FPS genre lacks diversity, during the latest episode of his show, Pack-Attack. He talked about how he believes as long as they continue to sell, you’re going to see a lot of clones.

The Wedbush Morgan analyst  predicts that Respawn Entertainment’s next title will be in the space shooter genre and in doing so, will be a Halo killer.

The one genre which hasn’t been cloned a lot is space shooter. So, I’ll make a prediction here: Respawn Entertainment – the ex-Infinity War guys – that’s their next game. They’re going to make a Halo killer. A game that’s going to compete in the space shooter genre.

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