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New Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer Mode: ‘Zomboni’

July 12, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Capcom is putting you up against countless hordes of zombies in the upcoming Dead Rising 2. That’s certainly not something you’d want to face alone, so they will be including some brain-chomping multiplayer modes. Via their tie in site for Dead Rising 2 a new online mode has been revealed.

The latest mode to be shown is called “Zomboni”, and by the name you have probably already guessed what the premise is. Although not a lot of details were given there were two screens revealed that has us putting on our thinking cap. By the looks of it you will be driving a Zamboni trying to crush and squash zombies. Check out the screens below and let us know what you think it could be.

Look for more info to come out in the upcoming months as we approach the fall release date.