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PlayStation Releases and PSN Store Must Buys for September 27-October 4, 2016

Get ready to lace your boots for FIFA 17.

PlayStation Releases and PSN Store Must Buys for September 13-September 20, 2016

FIFA 17 and PES 2017 go head-to-head. Sort of.

Dead Rising Triple Pack Review – Old Is New Again (PS4)

Hmmmmm BRAINZ!

Dead Rising Trophy List

Dead Rising Trophy Lists Revealed Across All Dead Rising PS4 Games

So many zombies to photograph, so little time.

Dead Rising 1, 2 & Off the Record Releasing on September 13 for PS4 & Xbox One

No plans for Case West, Case Zero, or Dead Rising 3 on PS4.

Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 & Off the Record Listed for September Release by Xbox Store

There’s also a triple pack including all three titles.

Capcom Confirms Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 & Off the Record for PS4

All three also coming to Xbox One, with the original coming to PC.

$59.99 Capcom Essentials Pack Outed by Retailer: Includes 5 Games, Dated for October 8th

The devil man may rise.

Capcom Vancouver Working on a New IP That Won’t Include any Zombies

Will a new race of jombies replace them?

Dead Rising 2 Ships Two Million Zombie-Infested Units

Following the critical acclaim of Dead Rising 2, publisher Capcom has announced that the zombie-filled sequel has shipped an accumulative two million units worldwide.

Dead Rising 2 Sports Theme Pack Blitzing PSN Today

If you’ve already picked up Dead Rising 2, then odds are you’ve been tearing through Fortune City and having a blast over the past few weeks. Well, Capcom is looking to add to the fun with their latest round of DLC, with the sports enthusiast in mind.

Themed Dead Rising 2 DLC Stumbling onto PlayStation 3

Capcom, publisher of zombie-mashing game Dead Rising 2, snubbed a lot of PlayStation 3 owners when they were left in the cold in terms of the Case: Zero and Case: West add-ons, it’s not all bad news on the DLC front.

Lost Planet 2 Sees Capcom Reducing Fiscal Forecast

Capcom has announced that the firm has reduced its sales and profitRead the full article…

PS3 Review – Dead Rising 2

The first Dead Rising was released in 2006, back when the currentRead the full article…

Capcom Promises they aren’t “alienating” PlayStation 3 Owners with Dead Rising 2

With the news from the Tokyo Game Show that Xbox 360 ownersRead the full article…

Dead Rising 2 Aiming to Become Leading Capcom IP

Now, I hope you’ve all got your Zombrex supplements packed with you. I know I keep nagging you all about it, but, believe me, it’s for your own good. Can’t be too careful, what with all these zombies running wild in our shopping malls and casinos.

Dead Rising 2 Getting High Stakes Edition

Not satisfied with Dead Rising 2’s Zombrex edition? Don’t worry, Capcom’s gotRead the full article…

Sorting Through the Collection of Collector’s Editions 2010

So many collector’s editions, so little money. We tell you which ones to get!

Dead Will Rise in Europe Sooner Than Expected

Dead Rising 2’s release date, has been bounced around quite a bit,Read the full article…

Dead Rising 2 Makes YOU Run from Zombies

Exclusive downloadable content and early access to beta trials are one thing,Read the full article…