Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 & Off the Record Listed for September Release by Xbox Store

When the original Dead Rising‘s PlayStation 4 trophies appeared online, Capcom was quick to confirm the aforementioned titles for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Dead Rising only). However, the developer stopped short of revealing a release date or window. Folks over at Gematsu have now found several listings on the Xbox store which state that all three games are set for release on Tuesday, September 13.

In addition to the above, a listing also reveals that there’s a “triple pack” that includes all three games but we’re unsure of pricing details and whether the bundle is also coming to PS4 or not. 

As previously mentioned, Dead Rising 3 is exclusive to Xbox One and PC so a PS4 release is unlikely, but Dead Rising 4 is a timed Xbox One console-exclusive for one year à la Rise of the Tomb Raider so it may come to the PS4 sometime next year. 

We’ll update our readers when we have more details. 

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