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E3 2016 – Dead Rising 4 Is a Timed Xbox One Exclusive, Meaning it Could Come to PS4

Although the official box art says it’s an Xbox One exclusive, both Microsoft and Capcom have confirmed that Dead Rising 4 is actually a timed-exclusive on Xbox One and Windows 10, meaning it could come to other platforms such as PlayStation 4 or Steam.

In a statement sent to GameSpot, Microsoft revealed the length of the exclusivity:

‘Dead Rising 4’ on Xbox One is developed by Capcom and will be published in partnership with Microsoft. Fans will be able to play ‘Dead Rising 4’ first on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC this December. It will remain a Windows 10 exclusive for the first 90 days and console exclusive on Xbox One for one year.

Asked on Twitter if Dead Rising 4 might come to PS4, developer Capcom Vancouver said, “You’ll be able to play it first on Xbox One and Windows 10.”

Capcom Vancouver also wrote on Twitter that Dead Rising 4 is set in the same universe as Dead Rising 3, “but it takes place in Colorado not California.” Additionally, it’s “a new game and not a remake of any previous [Dead Rising]. The tipsters were wrong.”

So, if Capcom does decide to bring Dead Rising 4 to PS4, don’t expect it until December 2017 at the earliest.

Another Xbox One timed-exclusive, Rise of the Tomb Raider, is expected to hit PS4 this holiday, but Square Enix has yet to narrow down the release date.

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