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More Than 1,000 Jobs Were Lost in the Games Industry Over the Past Year, 10 Studios Closed Doors

Telltale wasn’t the only casualty of poor management practices.

Capcom Expecting to Lose $40 Million, Isn’t Changing Financial Projections

Monster Hunter: World may save the day.

dead rising series

Capcom Vancouver Says It’ll Focus on Flagship Dead Rising Franchise Going Forward

Reports of layoffs emerged in February.

Capcom Vancouver layoffs

Report: Capcom Vancouver Suffers Layoffs, Next Dead Rising Game Not Yet Greenlit

The plan was for the next Dead Rising to take place in New York.

Capcom Vancouver layoffs

Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package Review – Ten Inches of Fun (PS4)

Open up Frank’s present to you.

Dead Rising 4 capcom heroes

Dead Rising 4 Capcom Heroes Mode Gameplay Shown in New Trailer

Ghost Trick finally getting the love it deserves.

Dead Rising 4 franks big package

Capcom Heroes We Want Frank West to Become in Dead Rising 4

Quite a cast of characters to pull from.

Dead Rising 4 capcom heroes

Dead Rising 4 Coming to PS4 Later This Year With All DLC and New Bonuses

Frank gains outfits and abilities from other Capcom heroes.

Capcom Vancouver Not Afraid to Ring the Changes “So That There Can Be a Dead Rising 5, 6 and 7”

Variety is the spice that will keep Dead Rising kicking, according to Studio Head.

Dead Rising Triple Pack Review – Old Is New Again (PS4)

Hmmmmm BRAINZ!

Dead Rising Trophy List

Dead Rising Trophy Lists Revealed Across All Dead Rising PS4 Games

So many zombies to photograph, so little time.

Dead Rising 1, 2 & Off the Record Releasing on September 13 for PS4 & Xbox One

No plans for Case West, Case Zero, or Dead Rising 3 on PS4.

Capcom Confirms Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 & Off the Record for PS4

All three also coming to Xbox One, with the original coming to PC.

E3 2016 – Dead Rising 4 Is a Timed Xbox One Exclusive, Meaning it Could Come to PS4

It wouldn’t arrive until December 2017 at the earliest though.

E3 2016 – Dead Rising 4 Box Art Suggests It’s Xbox One Exclusive (Update)

There was no official word from Capcom at the time of this update.

Report: Dead Rising 4 to Be an Xbox One Console Exclusive

Also coming to PC, but not PS4.

Capcom Vancouver Working on a New IP That Won’t Include any Zombies

Will a new race of jombies replace them?