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Capcom Vancouver Not Afraid to Ring the Changes “So That There Can Be a Dead Rising 5, 6 and 7”

Capcom Vancouver has responded to the backlash directed at Dead Rising 4, stating in no uncertain terms that variety and a willingness to try something new will go some ways to ensuring “that there can be a Dead Rising 5, 6 and 7.

Word comes by way of, who quizzed Joe Nickolls, Studio Head at Capcom Vancouver, regarding the upcoming release of Dead Rising 4, along with the changes it makes to the core format. Set against Black Friday and the Christmas season, Capcom’s sequel doesn’t shy away from social commentary, though it’s really the tweaks to the actual zombies, control scheme and time limit that has irked a handful of long-time fans.

Behind the scenes, there’s been a big change in personnel, too, with Nickolls revealing that, “we had three writers on this project, and that’s three times as many as we’ve ever had before. We’re talking proper video game writers that knew exactly how to weave the story. Our lead writer worked on the most recent Deus Ex [Mankind Divided].”

On the topic of criticism, here’s what the Studio Head had to share:

“Video games is a tough business. It is a tough crowd. The internet has allowed everyone to become a critic, and everyone is equal on the internet. I think the way that Capcom, and our studio in particular, wins is by talking to them.”

Bouncing off that, Executive Producer Bryce Cochrane stressed how the studio hopes Dead Rising 4 can act as a means of future-proofing the franchise, in many ways.

“One of our goals is to really make a product that means we can make Dead Rising 5, 6, 7. That involves expanding and changing the franchise, and therefore sometimes we need to take risks. That means some people will be upset with what you did. The only way to truly tell if we made the right choices is to play the game.”

Closer to home, the Black Friday-themed Dead Rising 4 will launch as an Xbox One timed-exclusive next week, before making the jump to PlayStation 4 late next year a la Rise of the Tomb Raider.