Report: Capcom Vancouver Suffers Layoffs, Next Dead Rising Game Not Yet Greenlit

Kotaku has revealed that Capcom Vancouver has been hit with layoffs. The Dead Rising studio was recently restructured to reduce from around 250 employees to 200. The studio most recently put out Puzzle Fighter on mobile, and Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package. This all happened while the next Dead Rising game was in pre-production. The original plan for the Dead Rising title was for it to take place in an alternate version of New York. It would once again be a third-person action game. These early details are subject to change, though, as the game was described as a “very early prototype,” and one that hadn’t been put into production by Capcom yet.

Here’s more on the layoffs from Jason Schreier’s report over at Kotaku:

The source, who spoke anonymously so as not to risk their career, said around 50 people were laid off as part of a reorganization aimed to streamline the company and wrangle the next Dead Rising, which had been over-scoped and under-staffed (as many video games are). Per Linkedin, Capcom Vancouver had around 250 employees. The studio is best known for developing the second, third, and fourth games in Capcom’s humorous zombie-killing series.

For more on the Dead Rising series, check out my Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package review. Here’s what I had to say about the enhanced port:

Dead Rising 4 was already a highly enjoyable game when it released last year, but Frank’s Big Package really takes it to the next level. While not all of the DLC is a home run, the tweaks to the main game are all a net positive. The new Capcom Heroes mode is also a blast, and basically turns Dead Rising into a crossover musou title. Frank’s Big Package may look completely ridiculous, but it’ll leave you pleased in all of the right ways.

Dead Rising 4 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Kotaku]