Dead Rising 2 Sports Theme Pack Blitzing PSN Today

If you’ve already picked up Dead Rising 2, then odds are you’ve been tearing through Fortune City and having a blast over the past few weeks. Well, Capcom is looking to add to the fun with their latest round of DLC, with the sports enthusiast in mind.

Simple entitled the Dead Rising 2 Sports Theme Pack, this batch of downloadable content will not only grant Chuck new abilities, but will increase the amount of bonuses to be earned through “sports themed” activities. Here is what you can expect in the pack:

  • Increased attack power when using sporting goods to take down zombies.
  • A new charge/tackle attack to blitz down zombies.
  • Gain extra health from consuming food and drinks, especially alcoholic ones – and this time you won’t get sick!
  • Earn bigger payouts from gambling.

Sounds like a fairly decent offering for the Dead Rising 2 connoisseur. The Sports Theme Pack will run you $1.99 and will be available in the PlayStation Store later today.