Themed Dead Rising 2 DLC Stumbling onto PlayStation 3

Capcom, publisher of zombie-mashing game Dead Rising 2, snubbed a lot of PlayStation 3 owners when the game’s Case: Zero and Case: West add-ons were released exclusively on the 360, but now it seems it may not be all bad news on the DLC front.

Capcom have announced today that we’ll be seeing some costume/weapon perk downloads popping up on the PlayStation Store as soon as next week. The Psychopath theme pack will be the first to release and will kit Chuck out in all the bodily mutilation threads necessary for today’s serial killer on-the-go. Along with the new attire, the download pack will bring damage bonuses when using certain thematic weapons, in this case, the chainsaw, the machete and so on.

The week after, Chuck can try his hand at being an 80’s action movie hero, which will increase the damage dealt with all firearms. The Sports Fan pack will release the week after – granting Chuck the ability to down keg after keg of liquid without any adverse affects – followed by the Ninja Pack which makes Chuck virtually invisible to the undead, as well increasing his skill with swords and throwing weapons.

These theme packs start hitting the Store next week, and we’ll bring you news of more Dead Rising DLC as soon as we get it.