Toy Story 3 Expected to be a Smash Hit

One of the most beloved children’s movie franchises in existence, Toy Story, certainly had everyone shocked with the latest video game tie-in being one of, if not the best video game based on a movie, Toy Story 3. Disney Interactive of course acknowledge the huge success – both critically and commercial – and has now said the publishers expect Toy Story 3 to be an “absolute smash hit” – like its movie counterpart.

Disney Interactive UK marketing manager, Steve Woodward, told MCV:

We are expecting Toy Story 3 to be an absolute smash hit.Toy Story 3 gives players so much more than they could ever expect from a film-based title. We’re anticipating an extremely positive reaction from the games media and we’re hoping to capture the imagination of both gamers as well as fans of the film.

Woodward goes on to talk about the game’s much-talked about Toy Box mode:

Toy Story itself is a massively successful franchise with a universal appeal and the game not only faithfully re-captures the film’s story and characters but gives players a unique way to create their own story through the Toy Box mode.

Games based on films are often perceived as being of inferior quality and we’re hoping the Toy Box mode will really change that perception.

And finally:

Toy Story is one of those rare franchises that connects with absolutely everyone, regardless of their age.

If you apply to the above statement – don’t be shy – then let us know via the comments section below!

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