PS Plus Users Getting Kane & Lynch 2 Demo Early; Everyone Else Waits 2 Dog Days Later

Nearly three years has gone by since the notorious, rough-around-the-edges duo, Kane and Lynch, graced current generation consoles. The action-shooters’ criminal protagonist pair are preparing for another violent outing soon with Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. The game’s ‘limited’ demo was recently up for grabs on the Xbox 360 and now the PlayStation 3 will get a taste of the destructive duo before its release.

As detailed by the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Plus subscribers will get their first taste of exclusive, early-access to content as promised by Plus’ feature list. The demo for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will be available this Monday for Plus users. Be sure to turn on your Automatic Downloads as it’s seemingly the only way to download the demo if the option is enabled.

Fret not non-subscribers, though, as the PlayStation Network will be receiving the demo two Dog Days later.

The demo of Square Enix’s shooter is described as the “first of many” in regards to early content for PlayStation Plus users. Now would be a great time to subscribe to PlayStation Plus since you’ll get the demo a whole 2 days earlier than everyone else. 2 days!