Killzone 3 Director to Keynote GDC Europe 2010

July 18, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Game Developers Conference Europe, also known as GDC Europe, is once again almost upon us. While GDC isn’t usually the big platform for announcing games like E3 is, the annual conference is still critical for businesses and new information is usually shared. Interestingly, this year’s GDC might be giving Sony some love as one of the most important managing director’s for Sony’s first-party studios will be giving the official keynote.

The official press release has declared managing director at Guerrilla Games Hermen Hulst the man of the show this year. According to the release, Hulst will discuss several factors that have helped make Killzone the beloved franchise it is today. The press release states:

“In his keynote address he will discuss how the studio has matured, which obstacles had to be overcome and what some of the ingredients behind the success of the Killzone series are.”

The GDC Europe Event Director Frank Swilka commended the Guerrilla Games staff saying that they are “exemplar of the ingenuity of European developers”. Hermen Hulst is a charismatic speaker so the keynote should be interesting, and we might learn something new about the upcoming first-person shooter.

GDC Europe 2010 will last from August 16th to the 18th.