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Michael Jackson Game Thought of “long before his death”

Last summer, the world was stunned with the death of superstar Michael Jackson. Nearly one year later, a video game focusing on the iconic star’s music was announced. However, Ubisoft recently firmly asserted their stance that the production of the game is not trying to bank on the superstar’s image, but rather, production began month’s before the King of Pop died.

UK marketing director for Ubisoft Murray Pannel recently spoke with about the development time for the game, and how it was being heavily worked on before the star passed away.

“The truth is that we were engaged with Jackson and the Jackson family long before his death. By all accounts he was very pro-actively looking for a partner that he felt could bring value – and Ubisoft seemed to fit the bill very well.”

“So this isn’t something that’s been jumped on since his death – we’ve been working on this, despite the fact that we announced it quite recently, for a long time.

“It’s well advanced in terms of the formats it’s working on – we know how big he is, how loved he is by his fans and how successful he’s been as an artist. Hopefully we can bring that to millions more gamers as well.”

Michael Jackson: The Experience is going to release on the PS3 (Move compatible) and PSP this winter.