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PlayStation Emulator Lands on Android Phones [Update]

July 25, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Emulation experts Yong Zhu and ZodTT  have long been known by mobile gaming enthusiasts for their development of both Sega and Nintendo emulators. For the past few months this dream team of two has been hard at work on an emulator for the Android market which is intended to play full PlayStation ROMs. As of today, this seemingly impossible vision has been realized.

The cell phone masterminds yongzh and ZodTTD have officially released the PSX4Droid app onto the Android Market today. The app is able to fully play PlayStation 1 games with very few reported issues, and several features are supported. Final Fantasy VII and Ridge Racer are just two of the games that have been shown as ready to play on this nifty new app. Below are just a few of the features included with PSX4Droid:

  • Supports eboot, ISO, IMG, ZNX, Z and BIN
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Scaling
  • BlueTooth
  • Save states
  • Scaling modes

This app is available now on the Android Market for only $5.99 and is compatible with nearly all Android devices (we’ve got it running on a Motorola Droid). Check out the images below of PSX4Droid running the masterpiece Final Fantasy VII.

If you’ve got a barcode scanner app on your Android phone, just scan the below Android Market QR code:

[Update] According to the developer of PSX4Droid, ZodTT, it seems as though Google has put all purchases of PSX4Droid made through the Android Market on hold for the the time being. This might be due to the massive barrage of downloads that the Android Market was suddenly hit with. However, ZodTT has provided a solution to this issue, which we can confirm works.

PSX4Droid is available to download from SlideME, which is a third-party Android Market. To access SlideME, visit from your Android phone’s web browser, and install the SlideME app. You’ll then have to log into SlideME, enter your billing information and purchase PSX4Droid (for the same $5.99 price as the Android Market) on the newly installed SlideME app from your Android phone.

If you’ve already purchased PSX4Droid from the Android Market, you can get a one-time refund within 24 hours of making your purchase. Or if you don’t feel like going through all these extra SlideME steps, simply wait for Google to lift the hold on the Android Market.

Here is ZodTT official statement on the issue:


It seems all orders coming in for psx4droid are on hold by Google at the moment. Not sure why and I just got in contact with a Google rep. I will be updating my Twitter as more information comes in.

Rest assured you haven’t been charged for psx4droid yet and there is a 24 hour return policy with Android Marketplace.

If you would like to purchase psx4droid immediately without waiting for Android Marketplace to be fixed, consider using the SlideME store here:

Thanks for your understanding,