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PSX Emulator Wiring In To Android

Ever since the Android OS hit the mobile scene back in 2007, the craze for the open source platform has shown rapid growth and has climbed to the rank of second in the smartphone market.  Hundreds of apps have been developed to enhance the power of the Android.  Now, one developer has discovered that it is even bold enough to run a PlayStation 1 (PSX) emlator.

Well-known iPhone app developer, ZodTTD, has shared the word of his new application for the Android that will allow its users run a PSX emulator.  He will be working with the developer of NESoid and GameBoid to implement a control scheme that is already familiar to Android users.  The emulator is still in the works, with a somewhat lower frame-rate than expected, so we can be certain that improvements will be made in future updates.

Shown below is an early build of the PSX Emulator running on the Nexus One.  The emulator will require smartphones to have at least a Snapdragon or Cortex A8 processor, and be running any version Android 2.x.  No release date has been mentioned, but the fact that the emulator exists should be enough to get Android followers excited!