Alan Wake Style Survival Horror Move Title Still Unannounced

July 26, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Move controller has proven itself over the past year to be far from a one trick pony. With casual and hardcore titles alike being fully supported from it’s launch in September, the library for Move is as vast as ever seen. With that said, there are without question more titles in development for Move and even one that Sony has shown but surprisingly hasn’t announced yet.

Last year during the annual European Gamescom show there was a PlayStation Move Developer’s Update trailer shown which featured several announced Move titles such as Sports Champions and even the recently debuted Sorcery. However, there was one game shown in the trailer which seemingly hasn’t been announced yet, and it was arguably the most captivating game shown in the trailer. The game in question features a dark scary house with beautiful visuals and a middle-aged main character armed with a flashlight. Sound familiar?

We can tell a few things from the brief seconds the game is shown in the trailer. First off, judging by the environment and the fact that the narrator says “light your way through creepy caverns”, we can reasonably assume it’s a survival-horror game. The game also features full Move support as detailed by the “Press ACTION To PICK-UP Plates” command shown on the screen. There’s also a young female in the house along with the main character, so it looks like the character isn’t alone during the events of the game.

We can expect to hear this announced as soon as Sony is ready, and with several key conferences coming in the following months, it should be sooner rather than later. Whatever it is, it looks like one of the most interesting Move titles and one that could become a blockbuster for Sony’s upcoming motion controller.