Ninja Theory Talks Heavenly Sword Release

July 30, 2010Written by Kyle P.

The first year of the PlayStation 3’s life proved to be a hard one, as the console was clouded by constant reports of inferior multiplatform games and of worsening hardware and software sales. When Heavenly Sword, a title by Ninja Theory, hit the market, exclusively, for the PlayStation 3, in September of 2007, gamers finally got their hands on a title that actually took advantage of the PS3’s unique architecture. Up until that point, there were only a handful of titles worth purchasing.

With a bare market for quality software, the heat was on for Ninja Theory to pump out a good title. In a recent interview, studio head Tameem Antoniades talked about the immense pressure his studio was feeling, and how the entire experience wasn’t “enjoyable”. Speaking to CVG, Antoniades said his studio performs much better when the gaming world’s spotlight is not on them.

“I personally feel much more comfortable now we’re lower profile. It’s better to be the underdog so you can surpass expectations.”

Continuing, Antoniades added:

“I think all the hype surrounding PlayStation 3 wasn’t particularly enjoyable for us, and the other reason I like to underplay things is that – despite what anybody says – on a creative project, you just never know if it’s gonna work until it all comes together right at the very end.”

Certainly makes sense. Ninja Theory’s newest game, Enslaved, is multiplatform, and releases later this year.