DiRT 3 set to Zoom Past Competitors

After enjoying critical acclaim and commercial success for DiRT 2, Codemasters is hard at work on its successor, DiRT 3. Expectations are high, considering Codemasters’ history of AAA-racing titles and according to initial impressions, those expectations will surely be met.

As reported by Jon Hicks, an editor for the Official Xbox Magazine, the next issue for the magazine will feature a DiRT 3 media and information blowout, which will definitely excite fans of the series, as up until this point, only a screenshot has been released. Jon Hicks told CVG that the information the magazine has on the game will be enough to “blow you away”. Hicks added:

“We’ve seen it, we’ve played it, and we’re absolutely blown away. It’s bigger and better than DiRT 2 in every respect – with some absolutely cracking new cars. Well, technically ‘new’ cars.”

This certainly excites us here at PlayStation LifeStyle. The DiRT series has shown time and time again that it is one of the premiere racing franchises on the market today. New issues of OXM will go out to subscribers in the next few days and hit retailers next week.