EA Gives More Bang for Your Limited Edition Buck: Battlefield 3 Beta

July 31, 2010Written by Steven Garcia

The legendary Medal of Honor series is back, refreshed and ready to take on the stiff competition that currently makes up the crowded FPS genre. With heavy hitters of the Modern Warfare type presently reigning supreme, this definitely won’t be an easy task, however offering a pretty snazzy Limited Edition that also grants future beta access to a completely different, yet equally anticipated title certainly won’t hurt.

In addition to the extra goodies such as special “weapons, powerful ammunition and camouflage”, the Limited Edition pack will eventually bestow upon its owners an invitation to participate in the Battlefield 3 beta. There’s no word one exactly when the beta will drop, however EA was kind enough to narrow it down to a 12 month window following the release of MOH. Thanks, guys!

Medal of Honor is slated to appear on North American shelves October 12th and in Europe on the 15th.