EA Releases Statement to Clarify UFC 3 Microtransactions as Beta Sparks Pay-to-Win Fears

December 2, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

ufc 3 microtransactions

The EA Sports UFC 3 beta recently went live, and brought with it another wave of concerns. Some beta players claim that the game is operating on a pay-to-win model whereby you can buy packs of cards to improve your fighters, and ultimately gain advantage.

However, other beta players say the claims have been exaggerated, which isn’t surprising given the recent Star Wars Battlefront II controversy. Like FIFA Ultimate Team, the microtransactions in UFC 3 are limited to its Ultimate Team mode in which you can improve your squad of fighters via in-game card packs. Those who want to skip the grind and purchase the packs can do so but similar systems have been featured in previous games so it’s nothing new.

An EA representative reached out to IGN with the following statement:

There are no purchasable fighter upgrades that affect any other mode. Our matchmaking logic takes fighter attributes, moves, boosts, and perks into account and prioritizes matching players with similarly upgraded fighters in addition to player skill. The goal is to prevent uneven matchups as much as possible. Furthermore, the game features Online Ranked Championships and unranked Online Quick Match for competitive and casual head-to-head online play.

The beta is very helpful in tuning all aspects of our game, including Ultimate Team. We welcome constructive feedback, and thank everyone playing the beta for providing us with vital information to make the game as fun and engaging as possible for our fans.

EA Sports UFC 3 will release on February 2, 2018.

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