FIFA 11 Gameplay Footage Prepares for Kickoff

EA’s prized football series FIFA 11 has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the sport for quite some time now. Although screenshots have been released, many have been dying to see the game in action. Thankfully, the eager fans will be glad to know that videos are not only on the way, but only days from being shown.

According to the FIFA UK Community Manager over on the Official EA Forum, several gameplay videos are being prepared for release. EA_PWride from the EA team posted the following:

“The vids at the moment are still going through approvals so looks like it now maybe the start of next week before they are released. Apologies for the delay but we want to make sure they give you the best impression of the game.”

FIFA 10 achieved worldwide critical acclaim last year, and judging by the latest screenshots, FIFA 11 looks to improve upon that. Now that the World Cup is over and done with, now is a great time to play some football and experience the thrill of scoring the elusive goal. With only three months separating now and the release of EA’s next big football title, the gameplay videos coming next week should be a small taste that drives the hype even more.