Medal of Honor Live Action Trailer Has Been Deployed

August 2, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Not too long ago, a Medal of Honor trailer was teased to the public, toting a new Linkin Park soundtrack to accompany it.  Now, the full trailer has officially been released, showing off new, never-before-seen game footage, mixed in with live action sequences to kick off the hype for EA’s new shooter.

Yesterday, EA officially released the live action trailer of the newly announced FPS.  The video, directed by Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn, is set to the music of the bands newest single “The Catalyst” which will debut on their next album “A Thousand Suns.”

This will be the first Medal of Honor series to leave the front lines of the WWII era to let players battle their way into the darkest and dangerous regions of Afghanistan.   The story will focus around a fictional character known as the Tier 1 Operator, who will be placed into missions to hone in on his elite skills of warfare.

Enjoy the trailer below, and get ready to gear up come this October 15th, when you will get the chance to prove if you’re worthy for the Medal of Honor.