Latest Live-Action Trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II Shows the Budding Rivalry Between the Empire and Rebels

Star Wars Battlefront II is out in just a couple of days, and to celebrate EA has released a brand new live-action trailer of the upcoming game, showcasing the relationship between two Star Wars fans who happen to find themselves on opposite sides of the battle.

As you can see from the trailer above, it’s rough living across the street from someone who sides with the Rebels or the Empire. Despite the high production value of the video, it does still boil down to setting us up for the multiplayer of the game, which pits the rebel alliance against the Empire, though it is a nice trailer that might hit some players sense of nostalgia for the Star Wars franchise.

In case you missed it, last month it was revealed that Messenger Droids will play a big role in the upcoming shooter:

Messengers are agents of the Contingency – the Emperor’s sinister plan put into effect in the event of his untimely demise. Outlined in Star Wars Shattered Empire and Star Wars Aftermath, the Contingency punishes Empire and Rebellion alike.

Messengers are foreboding droids. They bear the visage of the dead Palpatine, and some are equipped to enforce his will not just with words, but with violent action. Early in Star Wars Battlefront II, a Messenger tasks Iden and her father, Garrick Versio, with terrifying instructions. We don’t want to reveal much more about this critical sequence, but its pretty clear that Iden’s “unusual” mission will place her on a collision course with the last wishes of the fallen Emperor.

Star Wars Battlefront II launches on November 17 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.