Visceral Games Plans to ‘Sabotage’ the Dead Space Series

August 3, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Think about this for a minute… Dead Space is slowly, but surely, becoming one of EA’s biggest franchise along with Madden, Need For Speed, and Medal Of Honor. Sure the first game’s sales didn’t reach the numbers that they should have (EA blames the used game market), but the game has a very solid and passionate following now and EA isn’t afraid to throw plenty of tie-ins our way. Want to know what happened to Isaac after he made contact with the marker? Buy Dead Space’s second animated film, AfterMath. Writer Christopher Shy is ready to tell you the tale of what happened to the USG Ishimura after Isaac made his escape.  Dead Space: Ignition is an interactive comic-book style prequel that hits the PSN this fall. Dead Space: Sabotage is..oh, wait. Hold your necromorphs. EA nor Visceral Games have announced Dead Space: Sabotage, have they? Read about this discovery inside before you get your head severed!

The super-sleuths over at Supererogatory have in the past discovered domain registrations for a bevy of video game websites. Now they have uncovered a new, chilling site…! What could this possibly be? An actual comic book series? A PSP tie-in title? A 3DS title (NOOO!!)? Another PSN title for the series? Considering Dead Space 2 doesn’t hit until Jan. 25, 2011, we might not know for quite a while. Shucks.

Dead Space 2 was easily in our top 10 games we played at E3. Add that to the fact the only version being released on the PS3 is the Limited Edition which comes packed with the Move compatible Dead Space: Extraction gane which is being remastered in glorious HD, you should have no reason not to be excited over Dead Space 2. You better believe when any news regarding the Dead Space series goes down, PlayStation LifeStyle will be telling you all about it.