Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Rolls Out Ultimate Edition

August 13, 2010Written by Ray Conley

EA is looking to take another roll of the dice with their ever popular FPS shooter, Battlefield: Bad Company 2.  Since its release back in June 2010, players have been graced with downloadable content featuring additional gear packs and game modes to increase the thrill of combat.  And if you’ve been holding out on picking up a copy of this sequel, then maybe EA will attract you with this latest edition.

Starting on September 2nd, gamers will be able to pick up an Ultimate Edition of DICE’s shooter.  This package will come loaded with an insane amount of content.  Here is a breathtaking list of what you’ll be awarded if you’ve held out this long for a special moment such as this:

  • BFBC2 Limited Edition: This version was available at launch that came with 6 in-game unlocks.
  • Battlefield 1943 – The complete muliplayer game of one of the most popular shooters.
  • Onslaught Mode – Available as DLC to everyone else – except you – adding a 4-player co-op mode as you battle AI.
  • 12 Additional Multiplayer Maps – A VIP code will be provided for you to grab 12 additional maps for multiplayer.

This edition is already available for preorder on Amazon if you’re itching to make sure your copy makes it to your door the day it releases.  If you’ve been hiding in a hole and have missed out on the intel on why this game is a big deal, then check out our review of Bad Company 2.  With all this content amassed into one bundle, this ultimate edition is definitely the best bargain for your buck.

Click here to pre-order Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition