Brink Eying Other Bethesda Series for Pre-Order Goodies

Brink, the FPS/RPG from Bethesda has had the pleasure of being the subject of much hype in the last few months. Although the release date isn’t until Spring 2011, word out of Quakecon has revealed some exciting pre-order bonuses.

Most of the time we aren’t to keen on pre-order bonuses especially when it’s nothing more than an extra levels or demos, but these are pre-order goodies we can really get behind. If you pre-order from Amazon you will get the Psycho bundle, which includes special gear and customization options, including the Caesar Revolver, tortured soul tattoo, several silencers (including one made from a soda can) and a Grin Face Mask.

Now the Amazon bonus isn’t what has us excited, its the ones that Best Buy and GameStop are offering. If you pre-order from Best Buy you will get the Fallout pack, as in Bethesda’s other FPS RPG franchise, which includes special tattoos, skinned SMGs, a bandanna and more. Finally if you pre-order from Gamestop you get a screaming soul tee, special SMG skins, a Doom bandanna, and a Hellspawn tattoo.

Look for more info on Brink as we approach the 2011 release date.