Insomniac’s Ted Price Talks 3D & Move

August 18, 2010Written by Adam G

Sony’s GamesCom press event has been over for a little while now and the cat that Insomniac have been incessantly teasing about is very much out of the bag. Not content with just one announcement though, Insomniac decided they would hog the GamesCom limelight for a bit longer than expected with the team at North Carolina announcing Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One followed by the folks at Burbank announcing Resistance 3.

One of the focuses of this year’s GamesCom event was to drum home the practicalities and features of 3D games and of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Move controller. But when Ted Price was asked by CVG to comment on any sort of Move or 3D support for their two newly revealed projects, the Insomniac CEO remained tight lipped. He did however have many good things to say about the technologies in general.

“Move is very cool. I played it at E3 and today I got to play Sports Champions for the first time and I didn’t want to stop playing.

“It’s very precise and it definitely gives you the kind of motions that you don’t get with any other controller because it can mimic real human motions very well.

“I experienced 3D first hand at E3 and I’ve got to tell you it makes a huge difference from my experience as a gamer. It brings the games to life; the parallax gives the games the kind of depth that I think the industry needs. It’s very, very cool.”

Sounds like Insomniac are certainly interested in experimenting with this new functionality.