Insomniac’s Twitter Feed Further Teases New Game Announcement

July 27, 2010Written by Adam G

E3 may have come and gone without so much as even a mention of Insomniac’s current project(s), but it seems that the curtain is soon to be raised on their next title.

Insomniac Games recently updated their Twitter feed with a couple of tidbits of information regarding their upcoming newsletter…

“Want to know when we’re announcing our next game? Find in our new newsletter this Friday! Sign up to get it here!”

In a following Tweet, Insomniac also mentioned that there would be something exciting in store for PAX attendees.

“The Friday newsletter will also be exciting for those of you going to PAX, and who might want to see us. All the details on PAX panels!”

This news comes immediately after Insomniac teased a PAX announcement for their game, and it’s likely that these two new Tweets are closely linked. With Insomniac potentially working on three games — Resistance 3, as seen in the Battle: Los Angeles billboard; their multiplatform title which is in development in their Burbank studio and whatever else is being produced in their North Carolina studio — this announcement could be any one of the three. Take your pick! The Penny Arcade Expo takes place from September 3rd to September 5th.