Mass Effect 3 on PS3 is Probably a Safe Bet

With the striking revelation that BioWare’s critically acclaimed action-RPG coming to the PS3 this January is big news, fans have been wondering about the Mass Effect franchise as a whole. The original Mass Effect will most likely never be seeing release on another console, but BioWare isn’t discounting a multi-platform release for future games.

Less than a year ago, anyone would have said that Mass Effect on PS3 would have been impossible. At gamescom, EA shattered that conception by announcing Mass Effect 2 for PS3. The original Mass Effect was published by Microsoft Game Studios, not EA, so only Microsoft owns the rights to the first game in the series.  BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka doesn’t have any official news  at this time, but he told VG247 some interesting news:

[ME3 on PS3 would] be a good guess, but we haven’t announced any details on any future formats or anything, or even formally announced Mass Effect 3 yet.

Muzyka also discussed how BioWare’s parent company EA is devoted to multi-platform releases, so the studio is slowly but surely moving towards the same direction. “I think we’re trying to do that with all of our products, whether it’s Dragon Age or Mass Effect.” While PlayStation LifeStyle doesn’t support gambling of any time, if you were a betting man, Mass Effect 3 on PlayStation 3 sounds like a good place to put your money.