Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Moves This September 19th

August 19, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

One of the first 3rd-party companies to pledge support to Sony’s PlayStation Move controller last Fall was none other than Capcom with Resident Evil 5. Coined the ‘Alternative Edition’ in Japan, Capcom was eager to let fans know that purchasing their re-release would also grant you access to PlayStation Move control setup but could never quite pin-point a release date for the patch… until now. Resident Evil 5 fans, get ready to experience fear in a whole new dimension this September.

For those who have waited for this update, your wait shall soon be over, as the patch hits the same day the PlayStation Move does here in the US on September 19th. I also have a few nuggets of information for you. You do not need to have a Navigation controller to use PS Move with RE5: Gold Edition. You can just as easily use the Dualshock 3, however I’d recommend (if you can) buying a Navigation add-on to get enjoy the full-motion setup. Move controls will also be available in every mode of  game play plus you can use either setup (Move or Dualshock 3 controller) when playing co-op with your best Resident pals.

Just remember this.. RE5: Gold Edition will be the only version receiving the patch. For full details about why this is so, read Capcom’s explanation to the situation here. If you’ve been waiting to purchase Resident Evil 5 because you knew of Capcom’s habit to re-release their major titles,  Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition is the way to go. Move compatibility, 2 extra chapters, new costumes, and new multiplayer modes makes it the best version available.