The Lord of Chaos Arrives… and He Brings His Viewtiful Cell-Shaded Friend Along

August 20, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is generating a tremendous buzz across the internet — Fans (myself included) have all sorts of questions. The big two are always the same:

Who’s in the full roster?

What’s the release date?

At least for the time being we get details on one of the questions. Capcom announced two new characters:Dormammu from Marvel and Viewtiful Joe from Capcom.

Dormammu is composed of pure mystical energy, and has more raw power than any sorcerer in the Marvel Universe  – Viewtiful Joe is just a regular, well, Joe (literally) until he puts on a V-Watch, then it’s time to save his girlfriend.

The character models and in game screens look phenomenal. If you’re reading this Capcom, Tokyo Game Show 2010 is less than 30 days a way. Please…do the right thing and give us more details.