Vanquish Slide-Kicks to a Demo Release in September

August 21, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

PlatinumGames hit the nail on the head with Bayonetta earlier this year which earned the team a lot of respect. Quickly following the release of Bayonetta was an announcement for yet another title by the company named Vanquish. Surprisingly, only months after announcement a release date has been set and a demo release has now followed suit.

Good news for fans of PlatinumGames as Vanquish has a demo set to release on September 2nd which is now less than two-weeks away. The demo was confirmed during an interview at gamescom, and according to the interview, the demo will feature a full-size boss battle and some story elements.

A formal release for Vanquish is currently set for mid-October in both North America and Europe.