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Introducing Cross Game Chat: The Official PlayStation LifeStyle Podcast

August 23, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

As PlayStation LifeStyle has grown to become the #1 source of all things PlayStation you see today, there has always been that one thing that we were missing. Something our audience has been clamoring for, for quite some time now. Yes, you’re prayers have been answered. Our podcast is almost officially here!

PlayStation LifeStyle is pleased to announce that Cross Game Chat, the official PSLS podcast is coming soon. Not PS3 cross game chat soon (ouch), but this week-type soon. With Cross Game Chat we hope to offer something that is not only informative, but also a gut-busting good time.  Cross Game Chat will feature the same quality that our readers have come to expect from our news, opinion, guides and more.

The name, Cross Game Chat, is quite fitting, since like Sony, our podcast has been something fans have asked about for years and yet we have not provided it until now, just like the PS3’s cross game chat. This signifies our dedication to the PlayStation community, to provide you exactly the experience you are looking for.

The show is hosted by Adam Wolfe our resident Trophy whore and Trophy Guide writing extraordinaire. Adam is accompanied by the super-handsome, always cynical, RPG-obsessed Cameron Teague and the self-dubbed “Promoter of Awesome Stuff” and reviewer of bad games, Josh Fernandes. Rounding out the crew is the tech-loving, long-time PSLS contributor, Paulmichael Contreras. These four guys not only bring a wealth of knowledge about all things PlayStation, but personalities big enough to fill the room as well. Besides these four lovely gentlemen, we’ll have other staff members sit in as special guests frequently, and occasionally feature special guests from esteemed members of the gaming industry.

Since this is a new venture, we’re open to suggestions and feedback (after next week just shut the hell up!… kidding). Let us know exactly what you want to see in your (our) podcast. Feel free to email [email protected] with any and all suggestions, comments on how handsome Cameron is, or questions you may have. We’ll also be reading some of your thoughts off in future episodes, so be sure to communicate with us and you’ll earn yourself a mention in the podcast.

Remember, although this took a very long time in the making. Good things come to those who wait. Stay tuned!