Dead Space 3 a Possibility, But Only if Gamers Want It

August 25, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Of all the new original IPs EA has created and published so far this generation, few have been as popular as Visceral Game’s Dead Space franchise. Released in late 2008, Dead Space went on to sell over 2 million copies, received a prequel in Dead Space: Extraction, received a comic book mini, action figures, and various other products related to the series. Dead Space 2 doesn’t hit until 2011, but that didn’t stop anyone from asking about Dead Space 3. Even IF Isaac doesn’t survive the sequel, the future is bright for this young franchise.

Speaking at gamescom 2010, Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer of Dead Space 2, talked about how the team would love to make Dead Space 3. The catch is that for that to happen, us gamers have to want it:

I think right now it feels that [EA] is 100% behind what we’re doing, but ultimately the thing that everyone needs to remember is that we make games when people want them. I think we’re going to take it one step at a time. The development team and I would LOVE to make lots, lots and lots of more Dead Space but we’re only going to do it if people want it and if it makes sense. We don’t want to oversaturate it to the point where people don’t care and aren’t interested in what we’re doing. We’re very protective of Dead Space and we want to make everything Dead Space excellent.

Believe me when I say I only had ‘eyes-on’ impressions of Dead Space 2 at E3, yet I was still blown away at how awesome the game looked. I can say without a doubt that gamers are already thinking  ‘just go ahead and make it! and we haven’t even played the sequel yet.

PS3 owners are in for a treat once Dead Space 2 arrives on January 25th, 2011. Not only do we receive the sequel but we also receive a Move compatible HD remake of Dead Space: Extraction for free. Why not make your way over to Amazon to reserve your copy before the Necromorphs devour them all?