Yoshinori Kitase Hints at Demo for The 3rd Birthday

A demo of Aya Brea’s next chapter might arrive sooner than you think. The game just made it to ROM status recently —  It even made a playable appearance at gamescom…for press only.

At gamescom, Yoshinori Kitase was asked if the public would have an opportunity to play The 3rd Birthday at The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) – Kitase replied to the question by saying “This has yet to be decided.” He then made this interesting statement:”but I believe Tokyo Game Show will be the last chance to let people sample the game before release, so we’re aggressively looking into it.”

If that rings true, then we are definitely looking at a release date before Square Enix’s annual appearance at Jump Festa on December 19th – 20th. That gives Square Enix all the more reason to have a demo ready for fans to sample at TGS. The PSP can  certainly use a shot of epinephrine — Positive reaction from the game by could do just that.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep has been front and center for Square Enix on PSP — Let’s just hope The 3rd Birthday doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.