ModNation Doubles the Fun and Excitement with Double XP Week

When was the last time you played ModNation Racers? Maybe you’re like me and the loading times have shied you away lately, or maybe you have been too busy catching up on all of the mighty exclusives for the PS3 you’ve been missing. Whatever the case, now is a great time to hop back on now that the big patch is out and United Front Games has announced a Double XP Week.

Starting today, Double XP week is in effect for ModNation Racers. Those who choose to play between now and September 8th will receive double experience for both creations and races. This is a great chance to catch up to your friend Bubba who out-leveled you with his award-winning Mario v9001 mod during the first month of release.

If you still haven’t picked up ModNation Racers or have no idea what it is, check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s ModNation Racers review.