Valve Has Big Surprises Ready for the New Year

Gabe Newell, head honcho over at Valve, has admitted to being fairly “outspoken” about the current generation of consoles, but he was quick to repent when faced with a couple hundred angry Sony fans. Luckily, he arrived at Sony’s conference bearing gifts, showing off the first gameplay footage of Portal 2 and announcing that Steamworks would be a part of the PS3 game. Your comments are forgiven, friend.

It looks like Gabe Newell still has a couple of negatives to work on though, starting with the incessant teasing. Speaking with PC Gamer, Newell just couldn’t resist baiting us on what Valve has been working on and plans to reveal.

“I can guarantee you people are going to be surprised at stuff we do. That isn’t going to stop any time soon. I’m just laughing because… people will be shocked again,”

Gabe Newell then added:

“We have three pretty big surprises in the next 12 months at least.”

Could one of them be Episode 3 by any chance, Gabe? Although I guess that’s not particularly surprising given Valve’s relentless teasing! A real surprise would be Half Life 3, or maybe some exclusive PS3 content to make up for the years of wounds. GLaDOS x Tekken x Steet Fighter maybe? We can only hope.