Half Life 3

Gabe Newell Hints at Half-Life 3 During Valve Index Party, Sort of

Reporting on the existence of Half-Life 3 (or lack thereof) is pretty much a joke at this point. After all, it’s been the bane of many a gamers’ existence for over a decade now. Nonetheless, head of Valve, Gabe Newell, dropped a little hint towards the long-awaited sequel at a recent Valve Index party. Index is the company’s latest VR headset.

During a talk at the party, Newell stated:

In our history at Valve we have had a lot of significant milestones. Index is another one of those critical milestones for our company… it represents a significant breakthrough in the field.

Milestones aren’t really the end of anything. They’re really the beginning. So Half-Life led to Half-Life 2, Source led to Source 2, the experiments that we did with Team Fortress 2 were what enabled us to build Dota. Artifact is the reason we’re able to do Underlords.

So, maybe someday the number 2 will lead us to that shiny integer glowing on a mountain someplace… we’ll just have to see.

Well, there it is. Half Life 3 confirmed. (Lol.)

All jokes aside, Valve recently jumped back into making games again, so now would be a great time for Half-Life 3. Or maybe it’s being saved for the PS5. Or maybe it’s just a figment of our imaginations and it will never release.

Newell and Valve are certainly well aware that fans have been clamoring for the conclusion of 2007’s Half-Life 2: Episode Two, which released in The Orange Box, but at this point, it’s more of a video game joke than anything.

Anecdotally, Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford also noted that Borderlands 3 would come out faster if Half-Life 3 is announced. Borderlands 3 will be out this September, so who knows if there’s any truth to the joke Pitchford made. There most likely isn’t. It seems that Pitchford was just speaking as a fan.

Still, it’s become a video game inside joke to talk Half-Life 3, so any mention of its existence is just part of the fun. If it actually releases, than all that fun will have to end.

But what do you think? Will we be seeing Half-Life 3 in this lifetime? Let us know!

[Source: PCGamesN]