Left 4 Dead 3

Valve Confirms Left 4 Dead 3 is Not In Development, For PS4, VR, or Otherwise, Calls Rumors ‘Misinformation’

Recently, some rumors have circulated pertaining to the development of Left 4 Dead 3, with some alleged sources stating it was being worked on by Valve. It sprang up as part of an HTC presentation, paired with Half-Life: Alyx, which created some speculation that it might be a VR release. However, this information is untrue. Left 4 Dead 3 is not being developed—for PS4, VR, or otherwise—as confirmed by Valve itself. IGN reached out to the developer for comment, with the intention of clearing up some of the recent claims.

Valve responded to IGN, saying:

We’ve seen rumors to this effect for the last couple of months. We did briefly explore some Left 4 Dead next opportunities a few years ago. But we are absolutely not working on anything L4D related now, and haven’t for years.

It’s clear some people are having fun creating misinformation to spin up the community and other outlets. Unfortunately, for now a new L4D game is not something we’re working on.

The last entry in the Left 4 Dead series was Left 4 Dead 2, which launched in 2009, just a year after the first entry. It quickly became a beloved classic, with many enjoying its fast-paced cooperative gameplay, as well as its asymmetric competitive versus mode. On Steam, the second game in the series is still played by over 10,000 users, even over a decade since its release. (Editor’s Note: It’s important to note that these games have never been on PlayStation platforms.)

Now, it is worth mentioning that the company’s confirmation simply states that Left 4 Dead-related projects aren’t being worked on at Valve. This doesn’t rule out the possibility of another studio working on it, although it seems highly unlikely.

Valve has drifted away from game development since the 2010s, instead focusing on its Steam platform, which is home to over 30,000 games on PC. Though, the developer recently unveiled Half-Life: Alyx, a new game in the acclaimed series, exclusive for PC VR headsets. Its reveal wasn’t quite the “Half-Life 3 confirmed” announcement many were hoping for, but a new game in the Half-Life series is still noteworthy, nonetheless. It’s unclear if it will be headed to PSVR, but all signs right now point to no.

For now, you’ll have to enjoy some other zombie adventures, like the upcoming Dying Light 2, set to release sometime in the spring of 2020. You can still preorder it from Amazon.

Does this confirmation from Valve disappoint you, even if a hypothetical Left 4 Dead 3 probably wouldn’t come to PlayStation anyway? Let us know your thoughts!

[Source: IGN]