Sony Steals E3 Thunder in Style

Sony went all out during their E3 conference. Not only did exclusives get announced, but many other surprises were revealed. Gamers have been debating on whether Sony ‘won’ E3 2010, and by the amount of expected, and, of course, unexpected announcements made, it sure is a strong belief. Sony showed their plans for 3D and revealed a slew of titles which would be receiving 3D updates as well as demonstrating a strong focus on the PlayStation Move which led to the announcement of several PlayStation exclusives for their motion controller. PSLS goes through a run down on how Sony really did steal E3’s thunder, and in style.


Twisted Metal was hands down one of the most unexpected announcements with the God of War man, David Jaffe, stating on numerous occasions that Twisted Metal is not the game his studio, Eat Sleep Play, are working on, and that he would not be at E3. Well, it was announced yesterday and is set for a release in 2011. Role on next year, then.

Echochrome’s sequel also took center stage and it was no surprise judging by the success of the first game. The artistic title will also be supporting PlayStation Move.

One of my personal favorite announcements of Sony’s E3 press conference was Heroes On The Run. A full-on action title featuring characters from fans’ favorite Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank and the Jak & Daxter series made for the PlayStation Move motion controller. Can I get a hell yeah?

Speaking of Sly Cooper, the previously rumored Sly Collection was announced. The collection contains all 3 titles from previous console generations and will be remastered to deliver HD visuals in 3D. And not to forget the PlayStation Move support.

A new PlayStation 3 exclusive: Sorcery was also announced. The game will be developed by The Workshop and is based upon an apprentice sorcerer. There will be combinable spells as well as the title being compatible with Sony’s intriguing motion controller, the PlayStation Move.

On the subject of the PlayStation Network, the much rumored PlayStation Plus was announced. PlayStation Plus is a paid for service adding more quality to Sony’s ever growing PlayStation Network. While PlayStation owners can still continue to have free access to PlayStation Network’s content, PlayStation Plus subscribers will gain access to an exclusive set of features such as betas and much, much more.

Then we have the already announced PlayStation 3 exclusives. More Killzone 3 gameplay footage was showcased and in 3D, which left many picking their jaws up from the floor. inFamous 2’s E3 trailer made its début which showed Cole’s latest adventure, exclusively on the PlayStation 3, and the second iteration in Sucker Punches’ franchise is certainly hotly anticipated. Gran Turismo 5 also was dated, finally, so we all know that it won’t be releasing outside 2010. Unfortunately, Sony did not show their other PlayStation 3 exclusives including The Last Guardian and Rockstar Games’ Agent. However, you could argue they could be forgiven for their other unexpected announcements.

Which brings me to Gabe Newell. Yes, the man which has been slated by countless PlayStation owners due to his harsh words for Sony’s black behemoth machine. Well, he could be and very may have been forgiven with his out-of-the-blue entrance which led to the announcement Portal 2. The former Xbox 360 and PC exclusive. What’s more, Gabe stated that the PS3 version would be the best console version and would have steam support. Hell, why don’t you just relive the moment yourself:

Kevin Butler

The unprecedented level of awesome this guy holds should warrant a whole article by itself just for Sony’s main main. The VP of only everything was highly believed to show up in Sony’s E3 conference due to the demand PlayStation fans. The VP of owning E3 conferences in sheer style made his entrance and took a hilarious punt at Microsoft’s recent ‘Kinect’ event:

Exclusive Game Content

Sony also went all out on grabbing exclusive game content deals, causing Tretton to joke that ‘exclusive’ was his new favorite word. During EA’s press conference they said the Dead Space 2 trailer would be shown in full at the Sony E3 presser which inevitably hinted at some sort of exclusive game content. And that’s exactly what happened as Sony announced a PlayStation 3 exclusive Limited Edition Dead Space 2 pack which also includes Dead Space Extraction due for release on January 28th, 2011. Extraction was also confirmed to be PlayStation Move compatible.

EA showed even more love for Sony’s console when they announced that Medal of Honor: Frontline HD would be coming exclusively to the PS3 in the Medal of Honor collector’s edition.

Sony put a lot of focus on Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood during their presser revealing that the PlayStation 3 would be receiving the Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood beta exclusively. They also announced that exclusive Mafia II content would be coming to the PS3 with day one content including missions and more.


Was there any doubt in people’s mind that Sony would be showing off their plans for the latest technology? No, of course not, as even before the conference started we found out that they’d be showcasing games and demos in 3D. They spent a large portion of time stating over 20 games would be playable in 3D and Jack Tretton himself said that Sony is the “undisputed leader” in 3D technology.

The PlayStation Move also had a lot of time being showcased as Sony showed their extensive plans for the motion controller. Many games were announced for which would be compatible with the motion controller and Sony even unveiled a brand-new PlayStation 3 Move bundle, with the controller priced very competitively at $49.99.

Sony, arguably, stole E3’s ‘thunder’ in style, and even though Nintendo hosted a very strong conference with the unveiling of the 3DS and several exclusives, PlayStation 3 owners should be looking forward towards the closing stages of 2010 and the beginning stages of 2011 with so many exclusives, 3D games, and, of course, the PlayStation Move motion controller.