If These Dead Space 2 Multiplayer & Pre-Order Details Don’t ‘Ignite’ your Interest, What Will?

Since the day EA and Visceral Games unleashed the first details regarding Dead Space 2, fans have been wondering how the gameplay for the Multiplayer portion of the game is going to work. Thanks to the GameStop Manager Expo, details have trickled out, along with some mighty fine pre-order incentives. If this doesn’t make you want to run out and pre-order Dead Space 2 ASAP, I’m not sure what will.

Hey,  I know a majority of gamers despise the ‘Evil Empire’ known as Gamestop, but you have to love how some of those Managers refuse to keep their mouths shut. Those who attended the event were presented with a trailer showcasing the hush-hush multiplayer campaign for the game which will feature… Soldiers Vs Necromorphs! You’ll actually get to control one of those crazy creatures from the series. Hopefully this means plenty of wall-scaling and air duct exploring on your way to slicing-n-dicing some soldiers.

Now on the to the pre-order incentives. For those of you who pre-order at Gamestop, you’ll receive the ‘Rivet Gun’. Here’s the real beauty: no matter where you reserve Dead Space 2, you receive the ‘prequel’ to Dead Space 2, Dead Space: Ignition absolutely FREE.

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