Heavy Rain Move Edition Includes Extra Content

In a bid to promote their newfangled Move controller, Sony are re-releasing a couple of their soon-to-be patched games and bolting on “Move Edition” to the end of the title. And whilst we thought that these re-releases would include the same content as their original counterparts, that won’t be the case with Heavy Rain’s new retail version.

In an interview with gamesindustry.biz, founder and president of Quantic Dreams David Cage mentioned that the Move Edition of his gritty interactive crime drama will include “about 45 minutes of extra video content”

“We dedicated all of the Heavy Rain team to this extension, so it’s not really something we did cheap. We did it right, we’ve added a lot of content, there is about 45 minutes of extra video content that’s really interesting. The team has done a really great job of this version, it’s something we really, really worked on.”

Sounds like the Paris based team are simply including more behind the scenes content rather than some extra gameplay chapters. If you already have the game and aren’t interested in these videos showing the transition from “press X to Jason” to “Move waggle to Jason” then the regular edition will be patched with motion controls when the Move Edition launches next month.